​​​​The architectural theme of the McAlmond House is Gothic Farmhouse which is a very rare American interpretation in wood of the stone European Gothic Revival. What makes it farmhouse is the simple style and its original use. The Gothic elements include the sharp roof line, pointed dormers, front arched window and the fancy trim elements in the porch balusters, porch post brackets and soffit supports which are all painted a cream color. 

Captain McAlmond is said to have brought most of the house materials by boat from VIctoria to the Dungeness pier whose posts remain to this day where Sequim- Dungeness Way meets the ocean. It is also reported that the brick for the foundation and basement was used as ballast for arriving ships which left full of local lumber. 

McAlmond reportedly used a barge to float the materials from the pier up the Dungeness River, then carted them up the old road which slanted up the bluff to the northern most corner of the adjoining lot. You can see evidence of this road in the thick brush on the neighbors property below the old milk barn. The road up the bluff ran in front of the house along the bluff which is why the house faces the ocean.

Basements are pretty rare in the area, but especially in historic homes. The McAlmond House basement is dry and in great shape considering its age. The brick creating the foundation is 3 rows thick. A rare water cistern used to store water in the old house is still intact and crosses the entire length of part of the basements. The area over the old cistern's half wall is utilized for the house's modern mechanical systems as well as for less accessed storage.


The unpainted siding features a white-wash patina finish and was milled from old growth fir which gives it a far superior durability. 

​Fuel lines for the original gas lights are still intact and mounted on the exterior siding of the house which is quite amazing and rare.

The lighting fixtures throughout the entire house are antique and professionally restored.

Many of the window panes are original glass with the wavy poured look.

Antique plumbing fixtures still serve their purpose in several of the bathrooms.


​​​THE MCALMOND HOUSE                         Dungeness, Wa.